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Personal Coach  ~ stylist  ~ Hair Consultant

From addressing your hair loss needs to consulting you in your personal business, I am here to help guide you through each step of your journey.


Enroll in our six-week program NOW! It just might be the missing ingredient necessary to “give them wings” to soar like a butterfly!

We are equipping young ladies today with all of the necessary tools to ensure that they are ready to assume the leadership mantle of tomorrow! We want our children to approach life with confidence, a strong sense of self-esteem and style!

Our instruction is very “hands on”, in that we don’t just talk about the proper way to conduct oneself in public; we actually venture out into the real world of restaurants, theaters, and the mall and wherever people gather and interact.


Personal Coach




All classes are conducted in a nurturing, non-threatening and non-competitive environment. We look forward to meeting you/ please contact us soon as we are gearing up for our next class of Blooming Butterflies!